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.. long awaited this year! Spent them with the utmost caution, not too far from home, but above all as much as possible outdoors. This year it really seemed an indispensable need: the air, the sun, the wind in your hair. We have all rediscovered our beautiful country, our roots, appreciated Italy in all its great beauty. In our holidays, strictly spent with family, besides the affections, we dusted off rivers, lakes, walked in the mountains and traveled the length and breadth of our seas. Let's look back for a moment and look at the spaces that hosted us during this all-national summer.


The indispensable blue with all its nuances. From armchairs, to cushions, to frames, this color, we remember, has the ability to generate a sense of relaxation and balance in our entire emotional sphere.
We have found clean lines and slender structures in the furnishings. This is the triumph of the round table that can host even more guests and good food.
We have seen so many open-air solutions! The trend has been to transfer the furnishings to the open air as much as possible. A nice desk to make projects, two chairs and a coffee table, a chaise-longue to read the book of our favorite author. From now on we will imagine the interiors and exteriors as complementary parts.
We were guests in homes that resemble as much as possible a natural and organic refuge. The pieces of furniture have a sense of the sea, of the earth. So yes to stone, raffia, bamboo, rattan, marble and rough plaster walls.
This is the year of tropical fever! We immersed ourselves in the wild green. Yes to huge plants, disproportionate to the spaces. All this green oxygenates you.

These are my considerations after the long period of lock-down, the newfound semi-freedom and the return to a balance between the rhythm of life before February and now:

The "holiday" style must be a mood of life. 3 weeks of vacation a year are not enough to regenerate body and brain.And above all, let's not wrap up our heads on what will happen which we still don't know for sure.You can keep the light style of your days without thoughts. Here's how to do it:

Never worry about the weather. It is never too hot ... enjoy the rays of the sun that give you energy for the winter .... What if it rains? Don't complain, pop into a bar and chat with someone.
- Get out of work and don't lock yourself in the house ... the days are long until October and the housework is all postponed. Go to the park, sit on the grass, read, relax, observe.
- Do you work shifts? Escape for half a day to the sea or the river! Sure you will make some sacrifice during the trip but it will be worth it. Feet in the cool water will give you a rejuvenating feeling.
- Leave the phone at home, talk, meet, compare.
- Develop the photos you took during the summer! Stick them in beautiful frames! Take the time to look at them and select them carefully.
- Try hard! We need more than ever emotions that affect our senses. Cook for yourself with love and without haste, write a letter to a person you care about, enjoy a beautiful sunset alone.
- Take care of your home, your winter refuge! Design it, renovate it, and customize it.

You are not always the same and you have the right to have a home that reflects you!

We are here to help you with this :-)

Write to us even just for advice or for targeted advice based on your idea and your budget.We carry out restorations on commission and personalized research!


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