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It seems to have been a long time since we were locked in our house, due to lock down, and we feel a sense of suffocation at the very thought of experiencing that situation again. But those times left us something positive. Starting with the affections, the warmth of our home, the desire to make it more and more comfortable. It was impossible not to notice how many colorful dishes and recipe exchanges were circulating on the web. So, power back to the home scene !!

... and a new way of thinking, of preserving, of preparing food! So if the environment is comfortable and lively, it will be easier in the kitchen to give vent to our personality and our choices by "showing off" a responsible and sustainable contribution to our health and to the planet. Let’s limit the waste of water and food, let’s pay attention to energy consumption and use healthy cooking techniques.


Made of wood, in their material consistency, reassuring, ancestral ... Articulated, with prominent inlays and with sculpted lines. Ideal for lunches with family and friends, this year they occupy a prominent place in the interior panorama. Pastel-colored cups and tablemats can be matched to the warm color of wood and we can put cotton napkins on the table again.
Solemnity to the stone: the bases for tables and small tables in the shape of pillars, columns, arcades and pyramids are very fashionable this year. So it’s marble and alabaster. It would be advisable to create a chromatic counterpoint with accessories and wooden seats.
Transparencies: Transparent tops, glass and its clean sensation is back in vogue. The important thing, however, is that they reveal complex structures. Choose an aromatic herb plant to use as centerpiece.


    House chairs are always an overlooked element, yet they are indispensable for any environment. Choosing the right model, taking into account your needs and the characteristics of each room is not always easy.In an environment such as the kitchen, for example, where you spend most of your time, comfort is of fundamental importance. Consequently, the choice of chairs becomes a fundamental question. In many cases the chairs are already coordinated with the kitchen, but if you want to give a touch of design or choose a different model, it is good to follow some simple rules. Let's also think of them as a decorative accessory.
    The chairs for the kitchen
    Before buying a chair, it is good to think about its use and the environment in which it will be inserted. For the kitchen, for example, undemanding and not bulky chairs are usually good, so as not to hinder movement. The material of these should be light and easy to clean.
    The seat of the classic kitchen chair will be comfortable, but not very deep. Normally it will have neither armrests nor important backrests: functionality is the key to purchasing this kind of product. The right color for the kitchen chairs can be a neutral color or in combination with the table, or in a different color and style, to play with the combinations.
    Since the chairs must be moved often, either to clean them or during a dinner with friends, it is good to choose good quality products, safe and resistant. For a counter or high snack table, stools are suitable: modern and trendy. The seat of these is usually swivel, to ensure greater comfort and agility in movements. The combination with the table is important in terms of style, but you have almost complete freedom with colors.


    A bouquet of freshly picked flowers adds a charming elegance to this space. A beautiful table, with this simple detail increases the charm of our kitchen. A timeless place, where you can breathe refreshment and refinement.
    Scientists and psychologists have conducted studies side by side, coming to the conclusion that the color red stimulates the human appetite. One of the best ways to give a touch of class and joy to your table is to add colors to the decorations. A flashy and homogeneous color scheme will make the environment more welcoming.
    If you present your guests with a set table and with the right set of dishes and glassware, they will feel important because they will understand how carefully you have prepared everything taking into account even the smallest detail. Let’s bring back place cards which can make your guest feel expected.



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