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Today, the modern line of furniture is inspired by the first concept of maximum functionality and practicality. The bookcase, therefore, breaking away from the stylistic rigor of the library of the past, has created new solutions, which find the maximum response in the new apartments, where the space available is, or almost always, insufficient. When we buy a bookcase we look for a lean solution , that can be accompanied by furniture of different styles and can be exploited to the maximum. So let's look back and take a look at the past ...

wood: teak is often used for this type of furniture, due to the pleasant effect of its hardness, together with the idea of ​​lightness.
metal: it is chosen to recreate a more industrial environment. Normally we choose bookcases with a sober line that highlight the essential, that is the books.
hard plastic: easy to clean, aesthetically suitable for books with bright covers for children and teenagers.
Lately, equipped bookcases are back in vogue, which find infinite forms and infinite uses. On their shelves there will be television, travel memories, photographs and ... Let’s take the opportunity to put back on display our most expensive objects, which, thanks to an adequate arrangement, will be able to give a personal and stylish imprint to our home.

LB7- INFINITO by Albini, years 1956/57 produced by arredamenti Poggi Pavia. It is a splendid modular bookcase consisting of uprights, container with hinged doors, flap doors and shelves, finished in natural ash black stained ash or Canaletto walnut.
AMMA-EXTENSO year 1960 Beautiful bookcase with uprights in white lacquered wood with shelves, boxes and doors in wood and rosewood.

Resisting the lure of paper for book lovers is not easy and although e-books allow you to save space, nothing will replace the thrill of holding an old classic or the latest title of your favorite author in your hands. Here are 5 tips to set the tone for your library.
Double-check your books.
Catalog by author, topic, chronology. This is the only way to understand if there are any volumes of secondary importance that could be stored in another place.
Choose an exposure method.
You could choose a classic order that favors consultation or by aesthetic order, by size, shape and colour, to give harmony to the environment.

-Balance with objects
Carve out some small shelf space for your keepsakes.

-Leave some empty space
Let the library breathe. Leave a few shelves for upcoming news or the book you are reading right now.

-Light it up
If the bookcase is wall-mounted, place some spotlights and make the light come down from above ... give it light, she is the queen of culture in the house.

For most of us, books represent an essential piece of furniture.
On a psychological level they are an element of attraction for those who visit a home, they speak of an important part of our personality underlining the tastes and cultural level of the people who live in the house. Books are living objects that communicate.
On an energetic level, books contain feelings, words, emotions, concepts. Each one has absorbed in himself at an energetic level the ideas of the author, their personality and everything they wanted to express with that text. They are firm and energetically heavy objects. They create an accumulation and stagnation of energy.
So NO to books in the bedroom but YES in the study rooms and living rooms where most of the energy exchanges take place.

Finally, choose the north-east part of these rooms which, according to feng shui, are associated with wisdom.

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