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 I know, certainly the mood is not at its best in this very difficult moment, but we must not be discouraged, we are Italians! .. let's face the problem head on, protect our loved ones and get inspired from them and what they lived before us .. let's appeal to the 50s, when the war was already over. We think of this period as an unexpected event, which forces us to stop but which gives us, in fact, the possibility to renew ourselves, to stimulate ourselves and to draw on our creativity. Isolation is a form of yoga that reconnects us with the most beautiful part of ourselves, if we want it! In this difficult moment, let's call on the 50s, when the war was over and everything had begun to flourish again!

At that time there was a pervasive optimism. Above all in the artistic field, in fashion and in design we see incessant ideas following one another. New lines and new colours come to life, full of an as yet unknown charm.

Let’s embellish our spaces with appliances, objects and furnishings that recall those years. You will recognize them by the soft and rounded shapes, by the bright colours: blue, turquoise, pastel colours such as mint green, pink or white in all its shades, from cream to ivory.

- In the kitchen we can give new light to the planetary mixer! There are some splendid ones to always be displayed on the kitchen counter. We can choose soft or shocking colours for this wonderful appliance! .. and finally let's use it! .. now we have plenty of time to let the bread or pizza rise.

- Let's renew the livingroom… it's the ideal time to get out of the routine of these days, to re-study our warm space! Let's move the furniture, let's dare with a light armchair, mint green curtains, powder cushions.

- Aspidistra, anthurium, clivia, sanseveria ... these are just some of the names of the plants of grandmothers' houses. I'm talking about indoor plants that were very popular in the 1950s and that for a long time were defined as out of date. It is their time again: they are very decorative and do not have great cultivation needs.

- Linolelum is also back! The modern one has beautiful looks and strong sustainability. It is a natural product consisting of cork, wood fibers and linseed oil. It is an ideal and trendy solution to cover old floors or renovate your walls!



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