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Rattan-art !

The 2020 furniture trend suggests combining bright colours with more subdued shades, poor and natural materials with luxury finishes.Therefore, let's talk about rattan, a natural and elegant fiber, used to furnish with taste and obtained from climbing palms. Let’s focus on wicker, the ensemble of smooth twigs born from the willow, and the Viennese straw, made up of rattan strips. Let's not forget the rope, coming from the hemp plant, with that particular smell that vanishes only with time and use…So welcome 70s !!! We will not find these materials only on chairs and armchairs, but also on lampshades, shelves, mirrors and dividers. In this way we will give our home an allure of old times while maintaining a fresh atmosphere.

Let’s bring a detail into each room:

- Let’s renew the bedroom headboard, change the night tables or add a rocking chair or a recliner.

- In the living room let’s add a lamp or a sofa accompanied by precious satin cushions.

- In the kitchen let us indulge ourselves with trays, centerpieces, fruit bowls and backsplashes ... Let’s accompany everything with rich cups with refined silver cutlery.

- Let’s play with our outfit using bags, hats, rope shoes in such soft colours that they could be combined with all sorts of extravagance.

Happy leap into the past !!!


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