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60s mood sofà!

The sofa has always been and always will be the undisputed protagonist of our living! matter its size or its conditions, big, small, upholstered with leather or fabric..we love it anyway not just like a simply seating furniture, it is a piece of us!

This post wants to celebrate the trend of the moment, the must-have for your living, the return of the sofà at its most comfortable and welcoming form.

So..Back to the 60s!

Especially from the second half the 60s were a period of great development both from the planning and design point of view, many companies after 50's successes started to experiment new materials and new processing techniques.The combination of plastic materials such as polyester and fiberglass (for nautic use) with polyurethane foam and rubber foam processing by presses and molds opened the doors to the industrialization and internationalization of the Made in Italy product as we know it today.High quality products built to last over time and improve our daily lives.

Companies such as Saporiti Italia and C&B gave life to projects that are still part of the history of Italian design.

Saporiti Italia during this decades of fast growing economy thanks to its special touch of italian elegance in the use of finishing and material started a fruitful collaboration with some of masters of italian architecture and design like Alberto Rosselli, Vittorio Introini and many others..therefore some iconic and representative pieces of that time are born..Confidential sofà, Larissa sofà, Moby dick chaise longue etc..

1966, the birth of C&B.The happy meeting of ideas and passion between Piero Busnelli e Cesare Cassina and the collaborations with some of the most famous designers Bellini, Frattini, Magistretti, Ponti, Scarpa and Zanuso marks a milestone in the industrialization of upholstery italian manufacturing.Amanta armchairs, Camaleonda modular sofa, Coronado sofa ... are just some examples of the first productions and the first successes, the rest is history.

So the next time you want to buy a sofa, don't choose it just for its price or its color but for the history of its design and for the passion that many people have expressed to make it unique!..for you :-)


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