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Albini was an architect and a designer for his entire career. Some pieces of furniture make him an innovator, like his 1938 tensile structure bookcase, produced in a single copy. He is a forerunner of trends for the decades to come. He will propose models created from 1937 to 1940, in the 1950s, such as the Luisa armchair and the rocking chair produced by Poggi, and also the Fiorenza armchair produced by Artflex.
Apparently Albini's furniture is simple and, if broken down into their constituent elements, they reveal instead the complexity of the interlocking, pins and joints. often stackable. But at the same time they amaze for the elegance, sobriety and lightness of the shape.
His imagination and sense of beauty are expressed in the choice of colours, materials and proportions. Franco Albini opens up new paths. He becomes the protagonist in each of the activities he practices, from building design, to setting up exhibitions, from urban planning to university teaching up to the design of his furniture.


It was established in 2007 to disseminate the works and history of this prestigious man to the contemporary world and is based in Milan. The foundation is a cultural center open to the public. It makes use of a scientific committee made of names among the most prestigious in today's cultural panorama. The staff of collaborators deals with:

- searches,publications
- exhibitions
- conferences
- seminars and multimedia projects
- Issue of authenticity certificates for design pieces still on the    market
- Supporting activities such as shows, workshops for children    and intercultural projects
- The aim is to bring more and more people closer to this world.

Particular attention is shown for children in the Foundation's sites. Through the use of workshops and paths, children are helped to develop a creative thought by following the steps of the designers, examining objectives and inviting them to find solutions. But Albini's modus operandi remains the concept of eliminating what is unnecessary by enhancing the sense of essentiality.

The foundation is a rich heritage that can be accessed for free visits from 09.00 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday.

The only descendant of the family to have chosen a different path is Paola Albini, nephew of the famous Franco and vice president of the Foundation. She worked in Theater and brought the show "Il coraggio del proprio tempo" to life. The plot tells of young architects who find themselves in the bars of Milan, in the years of fascism, of the explosions, of the ferment ... They try to restore dignity in the Country. She tells through this story the vicissitudes of her grandfather.

The second show is titled "I colori della ragione" and is dedicated to Franca Helg. It tells the life of Albini's partner underlining the greatness of the women who are behind a great man and pointing out the symbol of emancipation that this lady represented.

She also wrote a children's book: "Le avventure di Cicognino". The protagonist Cicognino is a wooden table with a soul and the dream of being part of something important. A volume designed for young readers to retrace the career of a pioneer of Italian design Franco Albini through one of his fundamental creations: the historic Cicognino coffee table.


"There are no ugly objects, just display them well."

“We spread our ideas more through our works than through ourselves”

"You have to use the pencil like a sword."

"Air and light are building materials."

This character strikes for his integrity, his charisma, and the strength of his ideas.

So ... can you do without a piece of a designer piece from his collection?







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