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The rigour of Takahama Kazuhide

This man represents the fusion of rigour and innovation, a meeting of spirituality and creativity.Takahama studied at the University of Tokyo and graduated in 1953. Here he began to collaborate with the university and atthe same time started his experimental graphic activity. In 1956 he came to Italy for the first time and here he opened up to new knowledge of the artistic panorama,to architects and designers.


The person with whom he is most closely associated is Dino Gavina. They will work together for the rest of their lives. Their first project was the NaeKo armchair, which was later mass-produced by Gavina. Produced in metal, NaeKo was born as a Daily-bed thanks to its fully reclining backrest. It was an immediate success and was produced, after a short time,
in wood too. A beautiful design that the architect dedicated to his future
and much-loved wife Naeko. In 1963 he moved with his family and settled in Bologna,
which was a lively and growing artistic centre. Takama collaborated with people who were already famous on the
Italian scene, such as Simon, B&B and Sirrah. He is a multifaceted character, producing without limits. He touches all spheres of indoor and outdoor furniture,
public and private projects. He was called a man of stone because of his introverted, calm and silent character but his strong and distinct personality.

How does his art recall western a esthetics?...and the Japanese

  • Fontana lamp: A lamp like this one "absorbs" the entire wall on which it is placed, assuming a leading role in any environment, given its capacity for abstraction from the context and its ability to redefine space with power. An object with a metaphysical flavour, vague and allusive, with diffused and dimmable light, in a particular fabric that recalls paper.
  • Kazuki chairs: The Kazuki chair designed by Kazuhide Takahama for Simon by Cassina is an example of absolute rationalism and is the first modern piece of furniture in series on which glossy lacquer has been applied. The glossy lacquer is used as a definition of the form itself.
Versatility, use of clean lines and sober materials made him an icon of the moment.

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