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Project n.51 (1970)

“An unlimited cushions system”… this is how this padding made with foamed polyurethane was defined.. The first new project’s phase revolved around a 90 cm base theme that was made of painted wood. Some elements that function as back support and as containers were assembled with dry interlocking. The cushions were then simply placed on them. This first version named “proposal” excluded the compatibility and got then discarded..In the meantime, from a parallel research that started from a module base, Bellini researched a way to get rid of the back support using a mechanical system and created a soft broad raft that gave the possibility to take over the entire floor by taking apart all the elements, the wooden rigid ones and the soft padded ones. A definitive version was reached and it was characterised by two distinct elements: the “SCACCHI” and the “CAMALEONDA”.
“The Camaleonda is a product that grows by using it”
The system allows to change, lengthen, reduce, modify the composition and offers the possibility to form armchairs, sofas and poufs, lit à jour using the same components. With the Camaleonda we face a succession of emerging volumes and of “depressions”, almost like a rhythmical landscape created for the house…
Cit.  Un' industria per il Design - La ricerca I designer L' immagine B&B Italia - edizioni LYBRA immagine - pag.122


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